Canon EOS 1000D zu gewinnen: Schilder fotografieren

Das Smashing Magazine verlost eine Canon EOS 1000D im Rahmen eines Fotowettbewerbs. Gesucht wird das beste Foto eines Schildes:

We are looking for original, manually shot photographs of typography and public signage. The most obvious elements that come to mind are street signs, building facades, highway markers and road signs, as well as wayfinding graphics (i.e. directional signage) in public venues such as stadiums, malls, museums, cinemas, theaters and cafés. Bus stop signs, underground signs, park signs, metro signage, hospital room signs, conference, hotel and office signs, emergency and exit signs and signs in shops and stores would work, too. Look around, pay attention and have a camera ready. That’s really all you need!

Einsendeschluss ist der 27. August 2010.

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