Jäger schießen Googles Glasfaserkabel ab

„What people do for sport or because they’re bored, they try to shoot at the insulators,“ Gill said.

„I have yet to see them actually hit the insulator, but they regularly shoot down the fibre.

„Every November when hunting season starts invariably we know that the fibre will be shot down, so much so that we are now building an underground path [for it].“

Args… :)

» US hunters shoot down Google fibre

2 thoughts on “Jäger schießen Googles Glasfaserkabel ab
  1. „I can’t believe that you folks actually don’t recognize this is satire! There has been NO incident like those described in this article in Oregon. SO don’t get your undies all in a wad…“

  2. Danke für den Hinweis, aber der zitierte Kommentator hat sein Argument auch nicht gerade gut untermauert. Schwer zu sagen, ob es wirklich Satire ist.

    Außerdem gibt es zahlreiche Kommentatoren, die ähnlichen Unfug schon mitbekommen haben wollen. Hier zum Beispiel ein Kommentar auf Slashdot:

    „I work in electrical power transmission and distribution, and apparently shooting at insulators is a popular pastime. One of the bullet points in most specsheets for fiberglass insulators is the resistance to damage from gunfire.“

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