Arbeitsabläufe eines Bildbearbeitungs-Profis für Mode-Fotografie

Patrick Lavoie bearbeitet Bilder für Fotografen und Magazine und ist auch während der Aufnahme als „Digi-Tech“ am Set. In einem recht umfangreichen Artikel beschreibt er seine Arbeitsabläufe von der Aufnahme bis zur Auslieferung. Dabei gibt er nicht nur seine bevorzugten Einstellungen in Adobe Lightroom preis, sondern erklärt auch diverse andere Abläufe wie zum Beispiel die Organisation am Set, Backups, Transfer zu Fotografen/Kunden, Abrechnungsmodalitäten und noch einiges mehr.

» Digital Photography Workflow: Fashion Photography

Hier ein paar Ausschnitte:

It’s important that the client see something better than the RAW shot but not as good as the final shot.

What I do is simple yet effective for my future use. The following covers my own workflow for RAW processing in the LR DEVELOP module:
Voila! I just covered what I normally do in LR, which takes around 30 seconds per image to develop each to my standards. I then select them all and export them to my pre-dedicated folder so I can finalize all those images in around 3 hours each.

I never crop my image in LR. I prefer to leave this step for the photographer, as he may want to remove or crop his image to a predefined magazine size. I also keep the original uncropped for his portfolio.

I work with Pro Photo in 16 bits and I don’t want to deliver that kind of color and bit information to magazine. Many wouldn’t know how to produce good CMYK from it.

I prefer to work with a budget—rarely do I charge by the hour as I sometimes have to make a package deal. Even if I’m pretty good at estimating how long it should take, I prefer working (and my clients prefer this also) with a fixed budget. They know how much it will cost and it’s easier to have it approved by their accounting department.